Online resouces (free)

If you’re interested in psychology and psychotherapy, there are many YouTube channels that can provide you with valuable information and insights. Here are the top 5 most used YouTube channels on this topic:

  1. Kati Morton – Kati Morton is a licensed therapist who has been creating content on mental health and psychology for over a decade. She covers a wide range of topics, from anxiety and depression to relationships and trauma.
  2. Psych2Go – Psych2Go is a channel that focuses on psychology and mental health education. Their videos cover a wide range of topics, including personality disorders, emotional intelligence, and cognitive biases.
  3. The School of Life – The School of Life is a global organization dedicated to developing emotional intelligence. Their YouTube channel features a variety of content, including animations, interviews, and educational videos on topics like relationships, self-improvement, and emotional intelligence.
  4. Therapy in a Nutshell – Therapy in a Nutshell is run by therapist Emma McAdam, who provides insights and tips on mental health and wellness. Her videos cover a variety of topics, including anxiety, trauma, and relationships.
  5. Talks at Google – Talks at Google is a channel that features interviews and lectures by experts in various fields, including psychology and psychotherapy. Their videos cover a wide range of topics, from mindfulness and meditation to mental health and emotional intelligence.

P.S. A bonus resource and not really a channel – Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on Human Behavioral Biology – they are famous for a reason.

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